Custom Alexa Skills

We engineer your custom Alexa Skill

If your skill requests a complex architecture that needs individually tailored Skill Development we can offer you a Custom Alexa Skill. Therefore we closely collaborate with our development partner and BotFlux, which specializes in the software development of Voice User Interfaces like Amazon Alexa.

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Our Approach for your Custom Alexa Skill

We follow an agile four step process consisting of a Discovery Phase, the Custom Skill Development, the Skill Traction Phase and finally the Skill Optimisation.

Step 1

The Discovery ensures that we deeply understand the goals and wishes of our customers. Therefore the business goals that need to be addressed for a successful implementation of the skill are mapped. Following the detailed functionality of the Skill is determined with regard to the business goals.

Step 2
Custom Skill Development

With all specifications defined we develop you individually customised Alexa Skill. After implementation the skill have to pass through a  though testing phase where final bug fixes are made.

Step 3
Skill Traction Phase

After the implementation the Skill needs to get traction and visibility in the skill store. Therefore we implement several strategies for our customers that improve the skill visibility. In collaboration with our customer we develop a multichannel marketing strategy to promote the skill.

Step 4
Skill Optimisation

We put immense importance in the continuous optimisation of our customers skills. Therefor we offer a Skill optimisation package, which includes the monitoring, detailed analytics and success control of a custom Skill.

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