Alexa Skill Builder

Create Alexa Skills without any Coding Knowledge

The Alexa Skill Builder enables you to create Amazon Alexa Skills without any coding knowledge. The Alexa Skill Builder guides you through a process of four simple steps to create your skill, fill in your initial content, connect your Skill to the Amazon Skill Service and optionally submit your Skill to the Skill Store. To create the skill content, the Alexa Skill Builder offers you a set of predefined templates you can chose from. These Skill Templates provide a predefined, adaptable structure that help you to fill in your initial skill content easily.

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How The Alexa Skill Builder Works

The Alexa Skill Builder guides you through a structured process to create your own custom Amazon Alexa Skill.

Step 1
Create your Skill

With the Skill Builder you can simply add a new Skill, choose a name for your Skill and carry on with editing it.

Step 2
Choose a Skill Template

After creating your Skill you can choose between a bundle of pre-configured templates, that are designed for assisting with specific tasks.

Step 3
Edit the Skill content

You can now fill in the first version of the Skill content. No Worries, you can edit the content of your Skill later anytime.

Step 4
Submit your Skill to the store

Finally you can choose if your Skill shall be private or published on the Amazon Alexa Store.


The Alexa Flow Skill Builder can be used without any coding experience and offers a easily structured process to create your Alexa skill.


The Alexa Skill Builder provides tailored templates for various industries which are trimmed to the respective customer needs.


With the Alexa Flow Skill Builder you can create the first version of your Skill in a few Minutes and change the content of your Alexa skill at any time.

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