Alexa Skill Hosting

Powerful and  Effortless Alexa Skill Hosting

The AlexaFlow Skill Hosting ensures an effortless server infrastructure and hosting environment for your skill

Scalable Skill Hosting

Our platform allows you to host your own skill and be able to handle an influx of users at any time without the hassle of implementing scalable infrastructures.

Skill Monitoring

Our infrastructure monitors and reports your skill usage when needed.

On the Fly Skill Management

Our platform allows you to edit and deploy your skills on the fly.

Multi Skill Hosting

From one to 1000 skills – our platform can handle hosting and managing all your Alexa skills!


Skills need to be available 24/7, therefore our hosting is secured with a automatically triple redundant system. With a 99.99% uptime SLA throughout the complete stack we can offer guaranteed response times.


Wether you skill users are in the US, UK or Germany – our skill hosting allows for you to host your skill closest to your target users in order to achieve an optimal request repsponse rate and the best interaction response possible.


With an open API you will be able to integrate any of your services or responses in your skills.

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