Skill Content Management

Edit the Content of your Alexa Skills on a daily basis

AlexaFlow is the first Platform that empowers your Skills to provide dynamic content. The Alexa Flow Skill Content Management System (CMS) enables you to easily change, update or add new content to your Skill, which will be updated immediately. The provision of regularly changing content ensures that your skill stays attractive and appealing to your customers.

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How the Alexa Content Management Works

The Alexa Skill Content Management System (CMS) guides you through a structured process to create your own custom Amazon Alexa Skill.

Step 1
Login to Dashboard

The AlexaFlow Skill Content Management (CMS) offers you a Dashboard with an overview of all your created skills.

Step 2
Edit Content

You can edit the content of your skills at any time and change, update or add new content.

Step 3
Monitor results

With the built in Alexa Skill Analytics you can monitor the success of your skill and supervise the effect of your content changes.


The AlexaFlow Skill Content Management enables you to change existing content or add new content elements.


With the ability to constantly update your Skill content your Skill stays interesting and attractive to your users.


The Alexa Skill Analytics allow you to optimise your Skill content over time and monitor your Skills success.

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