Voice Systems For Hospitals

In hospitals, the major goal is to heal or at least to improve the health of the patients and sooth the pain they are enduring. But as time and resources are often scarce and the patient’s autonomy is highly reduced, many needs of the patients can’t be taken as much care of as it would be ideal. Implementing a voice system like Amazon Alexa in the hospital environment is a solution for improving and facilitating the patient-staff-communication and giving back as much self-determination to the patient as possible. Although the technology behind it is futuristic, the operation of voice systems is so intuitive that kids as well as seniors can use it.

Being in the hospital usually isn’t where people wish to be and the social isolation, lethargy and tedium easily evoke more or less depressing feelings and thoughts. Communicating with the environment through a voice system and using its countless entertainment possibilities is an easy way to offer the patient distraction and diversion. Instead of waiting for time to pass, the patient can listen to their favourite music, get read a book or the news, play an entertaining games or even chat to Alexa herself. Next to the mood stimulating factor, an Alexa device in hospital rooms can also facilitate the service between the patient and the nursing staff. Questions as “What lunch do I get today?” or “When does my doctor come?” can be answered within seconds by Alexa and allows the hospital staff to take care of more personal needs of the patient.

Our platform supports hospitals in leveraging the power of voice technology in the easiest possible way.Our platform Alexaflow allows the easy setting up and updating of a hospital Alexa skill with the necessary information and functionality. We also offer a support package for our hosptial customers to setup the necessary Amazon Echo hardware.

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Possible Applications

Treatment Supervision

Patients can use Alexa to easily record certain developments in their recovery process. These data are then automatically made available to doctors. Furthermore, using our content management system, the hospital can allow patients to access recommendations for optimal recovery by simply asking Alexa.


Through Alexa hospital patients can play their favourite music or get read their favourite news or books. Lifting their mood by putting patients back on a track towards their normal leisure activities can significantly speed up the recovery process. Your patients wont’t spend their days looking at the ceiling anymore dwelling in possibly depressing thoughts.

Room Control

The easy operation of devices like lights, television, or air conditioning through voice commands is especially important in a hospital setting. What is employed in private households mainly for greater convenience becomes a fast pathway back to autonomy for patients that are tied to their bed for some time.

Hospital Information

When are visitor times? What’s for lunch today? The Alexa voice system gets all this information right in the room of your patients at exactly the time when they need it. In the process, this frees up time for your staff allowing them to focus their efforts on more personal patient queries.

Benefits of voice systems


Our voice platform combines the ease of using Alexa for accessing information on the side of patients with the ease of creating and updating this information on the side of the hospital. Using our Skill Content Management System, hospital staff can get all patients informed about today’s meal plan by just a few clicks.


Being continuously available, voice systems like Amazon Alexa allow your patients to get answers to many simple queries immediately. This reduces stress on the side of patients as well as staff.


Erasing the need for remote controls, voice systems allow the interaction with the technical and non-technical environment simply through the intuitive use of voice. Especially for the older generation this is actually a pathway to making the use of technology more intuitive again.

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