Voice Systems For Hotels

Combining impeccable service for guests with an optimal customer experience has always been the major goal in the hotel industry. With the rise of voice systems like Amazon Alexa, a new opportunity arises to complement existing service in a perfect way with an innovation that will shape the future. Voice User Interfaces allow people to interact with their surrounding in the most intuitive way – just by using their voice.

While the personal service will always be the cornerstone of hotel hospitality, the Alexa voice systems allow to provide guests with an additional personal concierge service that can be addressed from each point of their room. This allows guests to easily ask for room information, like the wifi-password or the location of appliances, hotel information, like daily meals or get a quick overview on events close to the hotel. There is also no subconscious barrier for hotel guests to address Alexa in the middle of the night or with queries that a guest might otherwise deem unfit for calling the real concierge. Allowing hotel guests to access standard information in this convenient way also frees up the real concierge’s time to devote special care to more complex customer requests.

 Our platform Alexaflow allows the easy setting up and updating of a hotel Alexa skill with this information. Through this we support hotels in leveraging the power of voice technology in the easiest possible way. We also offer a support package for our hotel customers to setup the necessary Amazon Echo hardware.

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Possible Applications

Hotel Information

Easy access to information about check out times, hotel activities, fitness offers and more.

Room Services

Ask for wifi password, operate smart home devices or order room service.

Food and Leisure

Get information about restaurants and leisure activities in the vicinity.

News and Convenience

Make use of Alexa’s built in functionalities to ask for news, set a timer and more.


Our voice platform combines the ease of using Alexa for accessing information on the side of hotel guests with the ease of creating and updating this information on the side of the hotel. Using our Skill Content Management System, hotel staff can get all patients informed about today’s restaurant offers by just a few clicks.


Voice systems like Amazon Alexa, by being continuously available, allow your hotel guests to get answers to many simple queries immediately . This adds convenience on the side of guests and frees up time on the side of hotel employees to take care of guests’ more personal queries.


Voice systems allow interacting with the technical and non-technical environment simply through the intuitive use of voice, thereby erasing the need for remote controls. Especially for the older generation this allows to access the convenience of modern amenities more easily.

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